Buffet Dinner #2

A buffet of international flavours on your wedding day!

served with fresh rolls, fine crispy breads and butter.

A bunch of red roses

cider baked chicken

tender chicken marinated and oven-baked in sweet cider, fragrant ginger and spicy cinnamon

thai tempeh curry

a moist and tender tempah with fresh seasonal vegetables in a spicy red curry served over classic steamed rice

beef paprikash

a hungarian dish consisting of tender beef with roasted root vegetables

the greenhouse

fresh mixed harvest greens, juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, sliced radish and of course…carrots

gazpacho salad

a vibrant selection of tomatoes, bell peppers, crisp cucumbers, celery and sweet onions showered in a fresh and zesty lemon-dill dressing

sweet treat

prima pavlova

delicate nests of meringue with lemon cream, fresh berries and fresh fruits

*all prices are subject to change without notice

**taxes and admin fees apply