The International Cocktail Party

The International Cocktail Party….An evening celebrating friendships and fun! Whether your cocktail party is small or large, we can accommodate any size and specification. Spice up your party with our fine selection of international flavours!

Champagne bottle and flutes

spicy beef satay

tender grilled beef rubbed with garam marsala spices accompanied by a spicy mango dip


fresh harvest vegetables, rich smoky gouda cheese served quesadilla style

fresh thai rolls

fresh crispy vegetablesand mung bean threads tucked into sticky rice wrappers with a spicy chili-lime dip. garnished with a perfect leaf of mint or thai basil leafs, served at room temperature for easy eating!

the noble tuna

tender and succulent fresh tuna seared and served with wasabi mayo

mezze chicken satay

a classic chicken skewer seasoned with classic mezzo spices and served with tangy tsatsiki dip….opa!

*all prices are subject to change without notice

**taxes and admin fees apply