Buffet Dinner #1

It’s a dazzling and decadent buffet dinner package for your wedding!

served with fresh rolls, fine crispy breads and butter.

Two champagne glasses

beef tenderloin

a certified black angus fillet rubbed in zesty dijon & course pepper accompanied by fresh rosemary roasted potatoes

chicken valencia

fresh chicken marinated in white wine reduction, fresh garlic and herbs, then oven baked with pickled caper buds, sweet apricots and kalamata olives

roasted potatoes

tasty fingerling potatoes in rosemary & coarse salt

morrocan veg medley

a medley of heart-healthy root vegetables, kabuli chickpeas and tangy currant berries served over light and fluffy couscous

the classic caesar

fresh romaine lettuce ruffled with homebaked croutons and fresh grated parmesan cheese

spring spinach salad

fresh baby spinach, spicy radicchio, white button mushrooms, pinenuts, petite mandarins, and sweet red onions mixed with a tangy orange & tarragon dressing

sweet treat

the loose mousse

a collection of delicious mousse cakes

*all prices are subject to change without notice

**taxes and admin fees apply