Sit Down Dinner #1

For all your sit-down affairs we are fully equipped to handle any occasion! Let us serve you up something special!

Table setting for a sit down diner

hors d’oeuvres

fresh thai rolls

fresh crispy vegetables and mung bean threads tucked into sticky rice wrappers with a spicy chili-lime dip. garnished with a perfect leaf of mint or thai basil leafs served at room temperature for easy eating!

sweet salmon skewers

our classic recipe! fresh atlantic salmon marinated in a sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce.

puff & stuff phyllo

bite-size beauties filled with fresh spinach and aged feta cheese

first course

butternut squash soup

homemade, creamy & delicious.


gazpacho salad

a vibrant selection of tomatoes, bell peppers, crisp cucumbers, celery and sweet, sweet onions showered in a fresh and zesty lemon-fresh dill dressing.


stuffed chicken

tender breast of chicken filled with roasted peppers, fresh baby spinach and nutty fontina cheese in a n aromatic wild mushroom sauce

served with hot grilled vegetables, crispy rolls & breads with whipped butter


the loose mousse

a collection of mousse cakes so divine we’ve issued an extreme pleasure alert!

*all prices are subject to change without notice

**taxes and admin fees apply