we all know that when it comes to great comfort food, pasta is on the top of the list. our specially selected dishes cover the globe in flavour and ingredients. from our kitchen to your table, the comfort is knowing that we care and want you to enjoy these wonderful dishes as much as we do.

a minimum order of 6 is required

15 pasta

our pasta’s are always accompanied by a mix of crispy and fresh breads and all pasta’s come with a delicious choice of either tender beef, breast of chicken, or fresh butchers sausage for $14 per serving. vegetarian pasta is also available for the comforting price of $12 per serving.

gluten-free pasta is available upon request. minimum order of 6

pesto rotini

fresh rotini pasta in a lively basil pesto sauce.


tender and delicate medaglioni pasta filled with fresh baby spinach and smooth ricotta cheese in our zesty tomato-basil sauce.

penne a la vodka

a hearty and happy dish of fresh penne pasta in a light and creamy tomato-vodka sauce.


little sister to rotini pasta, fusilli is bold, bright and bouncy!
served with harvest grilled veggies in a zesty tomato-basil sauce.


big, beautiful rigatoni pasta in a scrumptious bell pepper sauce sprinkled with fresh grated asiago cheese on the side.


petit rings of fresh stuffed tortellini paired with yummy creamy pesto sauce.

a special delivery!

check out our internationally featured comfort foods

from thailand with love

a mélange of fresh and tender thai noodles, fresh fragrant coriander and zesty sauce. have it the way you like with a choice of either breast of chicken ($14), tender beef ($14) or with fresh harvest veggies ($12).

garfield’s favorite lasagna

with a medley of cheese, fresh pasta sheets & your choice of beef or vegetarian

$16-beef / $12-vegetarian

*all prices are subject to change without notice

**taxes and admin fees apply