The House of Chicken

let us take you on a cosmic ride through the zodiac where your cardinal senses will be tantalized and ecliptic flavours revealed!

a minimum order of 6 is required

Jerk Chicken on a bed of rice

chicken valencia

a dish bearing the abundance and power of a ram while expressing old world valencia charm! fresh chicken marinated in white wine reduction, fresh garlic and herbs, then oven-baked with pickled caper buds, sweet apricots, and kalamata olives. gluten-free

butter chicken

a creative and pleasing indian dish that remains loyal in flavour and transfixed on delicious! creamy and dazzling butter chicken with an easy going, aromatic basmati rice. gluten-free

cider baked chicken

an eloquent and versatile dish that communicates well the brilliancy of nature! tender chicken marinated and oven-baked in sweet cider, fragrant ginger, and zesty cinnamon. gluten-free

dijon apricot chicken

an energetic and dramatic dish that nurtures the tender side of delicious! tender chicken and plump sweet apricots in a creamy dijon and white wine sauce. gluten-free

bbq’d chicken

king of chickens, this dish leads the pack in classically gallant and noble flavours! tender grilled chicken in a savoury hickory smoked barbeque sauce! hail to the king! gluten-free

chicken provencal

a pure and heart warming dish with flavours reserved only for those who love to eat! tender chicken prepared with juicy plum tomatoes, white button mushrooms, sweet bell peppers & herbs de provence. gluten-free

mexican spiced chicken

an expressive and refined dish! tender breast of chicken in a mexican spice with vegetables….zesty! gluten-free

lemon-tarragon chicken

an expressive and flavour bursting dish! tender chicken in a creamy lemon-tarragon sauce…zesty! gluten-free

chicken stir fry

a dish bursting of passion in taste and aromatic intensity! tender chicken and a mélange of asian vegetables stir fried in tangy coulis and sprinkled with crunchy cashews and sweet petit mandarins.

chicken tikka

an adventurous indian tikka dish that possesses an honest and direct approach to lip-smacking goodness! tender chicken marinated in savoury indian spices and light-hearted yogurt. gluten-free

jerk chicken

an ambitious and proud dish grounded in delightful tangy flavours! our house jerk chicken, prepared on the bone for full flavour and served with coconut rice & beans. gluten-free
~ minimum order of 8 required. 48 hours notice required

stuffed chicken breast

an inventive and ideally tasty dish that stands apart from the crowd! tender breast of chicken filled with roasted peppers, fresh baby spinach and nutty fontina cheese in an aromatic wild mushroom sauce. gluten-free

pesto parmesan chicken

an intuitive and sensitive pesto dish perfect any time of year or any occasion! tender chicken bathed in our home-made zesty pesto sauce & topped with a rich cheese medley. gluten-free

mediterranean chicken kebobs

a flavourful and popular greek dish served with roasted potatoes and tzatziki. gluten-free

thai green curry chicken

tender chicken in green curry and coconut milk.gluten-free

herb roasted chicken

a zesty herb roasted chicken served with savoury mint rice. ~ please allow 72 hours notice

choice of either a flavourful asian long grain rice or herb spiced roasted fingerling potatoes!

served with a mix of crispy and fresh breads.

*all prices are subject to change without notice

**taxes and admin fees apply