Open House #4

we take care of the details, so you don’t have to, enjoy our curated menu.

Pecan Crusty Chicken

pecan coated chicken

our classic recipe of over 20 years! tender fillets of chicken breast encrusted with crushed pecans accompanied by a hickory smoked poppy dip

exotic sushi

an eye-catching and delicate mix of tropical fruits and vegetables served with hot wasabi
and fresh ginger zest

fresh thai rolls

fresh crispy vegetables and mung bean threads tucked into sticky rice wrappers with a spicy chili-lime dip. each one garnished with a perfect leaf of mint or thai basil leafs served at room temperature for easy eating!

dried pear crisps

one of our most popular mixers & a 100mile special!
aged black river cheddar cheese and tender maple butter walnuts atop sweet dried niagara pears.

sweet salmon skewers

our classic recipe! fresh altantic salmon marinated in a sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce. a fan favorite!

harvest of india

a rich assortment of classic indian fine breads: poppadums, naan and pepperbread accompanied by several savory indian dips: red lentil & spinach dal, tomato raita and our house cilantro-mint dip….it’s spicy!

the square peg platter

our rich and creamy treats boast omg brownies, creamy cheesecake squares, tangy lemon coconut, sweet date-apricot bars, lindzertorte and many more
it’s great being square!

*all prices are subject to change without notice

**taxes and admin fees apply