Morning Glory Breakfast

our home baked favourites are prepared fresh daily with love!

a minimum order of 12 is required

14 breakfast

all baked goods require a minimum order of one dozen per item $2.50 each

the original coffee cakes

baked with the best of the seasons’ harvests our cakes are filled with flavourful fruits and verdant vegetables.our yummy cakes are available in such flavours as: cranberry, banana bliss, blueberry and carrot

danish pastries

a cheerful variety of sugar coated goodness prepared in pastry flavours you love! we offer ‘goodness’ in blueberry, cherry, or lemonade; drizzled with icing.

frittata florets

light and fluffy pastry puffs filled with eggs and vegetables baked to yummy, golden perfection!



a pleasure-ful and nutritious breakfast favourite, our signature muffins come in an array of flavours to tantalize the senses such as spiced carrot, sweet chocolate banana, apple with bran and more

the breakfast scotty

light and tasty scottish scones dressed with cheddar, blueberry, cranberry or white chocolate

mini quiche supreme

a delectable and heart-warming breakfast treat! your choice of broccoli buds with aged cheddar, aubergine with ripened asiago cheese and fresh spinach ricotta.

$3.50 each

smoked salmon glory (minimum order of 12)

a decadent and delicious morning treat! a platter of fresh, tender smoked salmon served with fresh mini bagels and cream cheese then garnished with zesty capers and onions.

$12.00 per serving

hot breakfasts, a warming start to your day!

strata delish, comes in portions of 8 & 24 servings

$12.00 per serving

scrambled eggs (minimum order of 6)

fresh scrambled eggs with chives

$5.00 per serving

a morning fave (minimum order of 6)

scrambled eggs with bacon or sausages

$7.50 per serving

breakfast burritos (minimum order of 6)

served with eggs & cheese, $8.50 each
served with eggs, cheese, & sausage $9.00 per each

hearty morning (minimum order of 6)

waffles with nature’s maple syrup, fruit comfit & whipped cream

$9.50 per serving

individual quiche (minimum order of 6)

your choice of veggies or ham & cheese

$9.50 per serving

healthy-choice-copy, here’s more to love…..

berries & yogurt (minimum order of 6)

seasonal berries with yogurt


fruit tray (minimum order of 6)

a vibrant and refreshing platter featuring fresh and seasonal fruits.

mini fruit skewers (minimum order of 6)

fresh and seasonal fruit on a skewer.

from the heart organic granola (minimum order of 6)

our homemade granola is bursting with flavours! contains crunchy nuts, whole seeds and nutritious and tasty dried fruits. (triple o granola made with ontario organic oats)


yogurt culture (minimum order of 6)

heart healthy, full bodied and smooth, natural yogurt is our favourite, served solo for you to mix with fruits & granola.

$2/ portion 12

*all prices are subject to change without notice

**taxes and admin fees apply