Spring Update April 2010


 A few weeks ago marked 10 years of helping organize & feed around 250 Women for International Women’s Day.  I hope to continue this tradition for another 10 years and more! IF you’d like to read more & see some pictures, please go to http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=400310719609

 I’ve been spending a lot of time with “The Riverdale Working Food Group”, teaching people with limited money how to cook healthy food with inexpensive, nutritious ingredients.  This is a fantastic project, and I’m so happy to be involved, & to put my cooking expertise to such a good cause!

 As for our menus, I continue to purchase as much as I can from local sources. Thanks to the “100-mile market”, I can now serve you an ever increasing numbe100milemarketr of local products. Our latest ingredients include eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese (from Black River Cheese) barley, wheat berries, fresh herbs, and of course as many vegetables & fruits as we can get our hands on! I always go to the Ontario Food Terminal farmer’s market, lately just once/week.  In the past month, it’s been potatoes, turnips, beets, & other root vegetables, onions & apples. 

But spring is here!  I will be creating special menus featuring local produce as it appears.  Please check our website for monthly specials, or ask when you call us if there’s anything new & fresh on that day’s menu. 

 I’ll also post on the website when we hold canning sessions that are open to guests, or other theme cooking events. We do these for private parties, fundraisers, & a lot for my own personal fundraiser, “the weekend to end womens cancers”.

Our next event will be on April 10th, we are holding Euchre tournament as a fundraiser. If you are interested, please contact me & I’ll send you the info.

Even if you can’t come to an event, please consider sponsoring me for the walk. Go to my site at endcancer.ca.  Any amount would be very appreciated!

  That’s it for now!