Vegetarian Fare


for those who prefer the lighter side of scrumptious and as always our dishes are served with a mix of crispy and fresh breads.

a minimum of 4 servings on all items. (except the morrocan veg medley)

veggie kabobs

an assortment of fresh grilled veggies served with rice or roasted potatoes, crispy rolls & butter.

tofu and black bean sauce

silky tofu in a rich and tasty black bean sauce over classic steamed rice.

stir fry

harvest crispy veggies in our sweet & tangy stir fry sauce topped with petit mandarins and crunchy cashews.

authentic palak paneer

a moist and tender indian cheese in a fresh spiced spinach puree atop classic steamed rice.  gluten-free 

thai tempeh curry

moist and tender tempeh with fresh seasonal vegetables in a zesty green curry served over classic steamed rice.  gluten-free

moroccan veg medley

a medley of heart-healthy root vegetables, kabuli chickpeas, tangy currant berries served over light and fluffy couscous.
a minimum order of 10 required



all sides $7.25 per serving (minimum 4 servings)

grilled mixed vegetables

a medley of purple eggplant, sweet potatoes, white button mushrooms, tender zucchini, sweet peppers, and mild white onions all grilled then marinated in a lush roasted garlic olive oil


steamed broccoli with sprinkles of sliced almonds

glazed carrots & brussels sprouts

garden fresh carrots & brusssel sprouts – made to perfection


plants yield 10 times more protein per acre than meat.