Lisa Says:

It is very clear that hauling food from far away places works against us.  Produce is picked unripe, then chemicals & gases are used to “ripen” them while being transported for days or weeks at a time, all so they can sit pretty on shelves in supermarkets for shoppers to choose the “nicest ones”. We have no idea of the conditions of the people working on those farms, what chemicals they use on the fruits & veggies, not to mention, the conditions & treatment of their animals.
THEN I read that you can no longer find Ontario canned peaches on grocery store shelves because imports are cheaper.  Soft fruit in Ontario is a highlight of living here and knowing that all of those farmers will soon be out of business is just wrong! Also,Ontario used to be a major player for garlic production but check the produce bin and you will see that most garlic available is from CHINA!
Think of how many people have lost their farms because of this!  It’s daunting to hear about how corporations are patenting all types of genetically engineered seeds. The whole genetic engineering process is frightening to me.  The environmental and health risks are overwhelming!  In my lifetime alone, I can see the HUGE rise in illnesses and of course climate change!
Because of all these reasons and more I REALLY want to support local farmers in my own small way by making and selling healthy local food, spreading the word, educating people, teaching by example.  I think there’s nothing more important.
I guess that’s my philosophy on why being “green” & “eco” is not a trend for me, I mean it in my heart
~ Lisa