The Sweets Table

fruit tartlettes

scrumptious, delicious, yummy, delectable, and plenty of it…..indulge!


More delicious Gluten-free desserts are available upon request.


creamy cheesecake squares
scrumptious and bite size, in a variety of chocolate & fruit combos.

the great chocolate dipper
seasonally fresh and sweet strawberries, pineapples, apricots, nectarines and kiwi dipped in decadent dark chocolate then drizzled with white chocolate. gluten-free
$2.50 each, minimum 12 servings

our sweet assortment of cookies include double chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, white chocolate and macadamia nut and many more.
$1 each

sweet tart jamboree
all of your favourite sweet tarts in one delicious platter! our jamboree includes pumpkin, apple crumble, butter pecan, and lemon butter tarts.

the square peg platter
our rich and creamy treats boast omg brownies, creamy cheesecake squares, tangy lemon coconut, sweet date-apricot bars, lindzertorte and many more.
it’s great being square!

omg brownies
rich and moist brownies with a side of fresh whipped cream and very merry berries.

the heart warmers
a yummy mix of your favourites including home baked apple crumble, crème caramel flan, and hearty rice pudding.
minimum order of 8 is required

fresh fruit  tartlettes
fresh fruit tartlettes filled with vanilla cream.
$3.00 each


chocolates by Marni:
a fabulous and decadent new addition to our sweets table…enjoy!

mint chocolates
luscious chocolate squares with a creamy mint center.
chocolate chocolates
luscious chocolate squares with a creamy chocolate center.
peanut butter chocolates
luscious chocolate squares with a creamy peanut butter center.


meanwhile, back at our kitchen…..

fruit tray
a vibrant and refreshing platter featuring fresh and seasonal fruits.  gluten-free
minimum order of 4 is required

berries & crème
fresh berries with whipped cream.   gluten-free
minimum of 4 servings

prima pavlova
delicate nests of meringue with lemon cream, fresh berries and fresh fruit.  gluten-free
minimum order of 4 is required

the cheesecake shuffle
a variety of creamy 3” fruit and berry cheesecakes

the loose mousse
a collection of mousse cakes so divine we’ve issued an extreme pleasure alert!
gluten-free options available 


the whole shebang

we provide a wide assortments of tasty and enticing cakes.

comes in a variety of flavours. 

small cakes-$45(serves 6-8)
large cakes-$60(serves 10-12)
slab cakes-1/2 slab, 30-40 pieces-for pricing, please inquire
full slab-for pricing, please inquire

inscribed chocolate
for something a little different but just as decadent, order a plaque made of rich milk chocolate and inscribed with well wishes.

even more to love!…

ask about our specialty & themed cakes!
cakes so special we require at least 2 days notice


all prices are subject to change without notice

pinkys-platethe distinctive pavlova dessert was named after the famous russian ballerina anna pavlova in the early 1900’s