Hors D’oeurve Floats- our reliable and professional staff will pass these delicious crowd pleasers to your guests.


baby caprese skewers

sweet grape tomatoes, baby bocconcini and fresh basil sprinkled with a zesty balsamic reduction

exotic sushi

an eye-catching and delicate mix of tropical fruits and vegetables served with hot wasabi and fresh ginger zest

fresh thai rolls

fresh crispy vegetables and mung bean threads tucked into sticky rice wrappers with a spicy chili-lime dip.  each one garnished with a perfect leaf of mint or thai basil leafs served at room temperature for easy eating!

dried pear crisps

one of our most popular mixers & a 100mile special!
aged black river cheddar cheese and tender maple butter walnuts atop sweet dried niagara pears.

spicy paneer skewers

moist and tender palak paneer cheese marinated in an old world lahori marinade.

Dinner is served! Enjoy a International sit down dinner.

thai tempeh curry

moist and tender tempeh with fresh seasonal vegetables in a spicy red curry served over classic steamed rice.

savory jasmine rice

simple and delicious!

all served with fresh rolls and crispy breads with butter

Sweet Treat

prima pavlova

delicate nests of meringue with lemon cream, fresh berries and fresh fruits

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all prices are subject to change without notice