The Harvest Chicken


a heart warming and pleasing package, adorned in tantalizing spices and a hint of sweetness!


cider baked chicken:   tender chicken marinated and oven-baked in sweet cider, fragrant ginger and spicy cinnamon

a selection of two salads:   you can choose 2 awesome salads from our fabulous salads

harvest rice pilaf:   flavourful and hearty mixed rice with sauteed vegetables

tortellini:   fresh tortellini with a zesty pesto sauce

served with fresh rolls, fine crispy breads and butter


 the sweets table

the square peg platter:   omg brownies, creamy cheesecake squares, tangy lemon coconut, sweet date-apricot bars, lindzertorte and many more

 $160 price quoted is for 4 to 6 guests

*subject to taxes

all prices are subject to change without notice