100 Mile Cocktail Party

local_100 mile copyPlanning a party but you’d like to keep your carbon footprint small…well, we are happy to provide carefully selected items from our menu for you that are locally harvested!


hors d’oeuvres

veggie chippers

crisp root vegetable chips with green tomato chutney

marinated lamb skewers

with autumn plum preserve

marinated chicken skewers

with pear and ginger marmalade

dried pear crisps

aged black river cheddar cheese and tender maple butter walnuts atop sweet dried niagara pears


platters ~serves eight or more~

from amish country

bite sized pieces of smoked turkey breast and smoked ham

fine ontario cheeses

a fine selection of stratford cheddar and woolwich goat cheese
accompanied by toronto bagel crisps and homemade dilled beans, peppers and pickles


food stations

pork tenderloin carving station

with brick bakery organic bread, a variety of mustards, horseradish, & sauteed onions ~minimum order of 25~

smoked turkey breast

accompanied by our ontario hot sauce & apple chutney   ~price per cocktail serving~

mashed potatoe station

served in cosmo glasses with a variety of toppings including: sauteed mushrooms, aged cheddar, crumbled feta and fine herbs ~minimum order of 25~

ontario salad station

apple and cabbage coleslaw, mennonite caraway saurkraut, dilled green beans, ontario greenhouse field greens

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