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Since 1989, Lisa Shamai Cuisiniere has built its name as one of Toronto’s premier catering companies. Lisa has been utilizing fresh, local ingredients in her business and in her home for years. Lisa believes that it is important to remember the relationship that we have with our food and the importance that food has in keeping us healthy!

There is much scientific evidence now that food can be a factor in preventing many diseases, including diabetes, childhood obesity and especially cancer. Fighting (preventing) cancer is a topic that has touched Lisa very close to home.


A few years ago, Lisa was diagnosed as a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation, which makes her highly likely to get breast or ovarian cancers. Both Lisa’s mother and grandmother died too early from ovarian cancer. She became interested in foods that would keep her healthy, and help her beat the odds of getting the disease. After several years of developing recipes, and after a lifetime of cooking professionally Lisa is ready to pass on her understanding and knowledge of healthy cooking to others who are looking to disease prevention through nutrition.


Lisa Shamai is proud to present


Cooking classes for Optimum Health


We have put together a series of healthy cooking classes. Classes that give people delicious and economical ideas on how to cook with foods that fight disease, many of which we have on hand in our fridges and pantries.

Lisa will show you how to use fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes, along with a variety of other healthy ingredients, which can be made into quick, easy, inexpensive, disease fighting and delicious meals.

We have begun to teach this series on a regular basis at various cancer support centres, schools, daycares, & Toronto Social Services, teaching people on very limited budgets how to buy & cook healthy inexpensive meals.


Classes can be held in your kitchen or ours! We can bring the classes to your local community centres, church kitchens, party rooms or even to your own home. We try to keep the cost of the classes very accessible, & also donate a portion of the proceeds to our walking team ‘THE RAINBOWS’, for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers 60 kilometre walk.

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