Summer Menu

hors d’oeuvres & salads

prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and grilled to perfection  gluten-free

spiralized carrot salad

Spiralized carrots with almonds and raisins in a delicious balsamic
dressing  gluten-free


avocado caprese chicken

Tender chicken topped with avocado & tomato. Sprinkled with fresh basil and balsamic honey dressing  gluten-free

tuna steak on spring greens

Seared tuna steak atop a lovely medley of spring greens  gluten-free

manchurian cauliflower (or sweet potato)

Your choice of cauliflower or sweet potato made with chickpea flour, deep fried then mixed with bell peppers, chili spices and onions served with wild rice  gluten-free


chocolate dipped fruit kebabs

Fresh & seasonal fruit on a kebab covered in chocolate  gluten-free


all prices subject to change without notice