Chicken & the Sea


a fabulous package filled with tantalizing tastes from land and sea! the best of both worlds!


dijon apricot chicken:   tender chicken and plump sweet apricots in a creamy dijon and white wine sauce

braised salmon:   a fresh filet of salmon braised with globe artichokes, white button mushrooms, fresh basil and savory sun dried tomatoes in a light & airy white wine emulsion.

harvest rice pilaf:   flavourful and hearty mixed rice with sauteed vegetables

a selection of two salads:   you can choose 2 awesome salads from our fabulous salads

this delicious package also includes fresh rolls, fine crispy breads and butter

The Sweets Table

sweet tart jamboree:  all of your favorite sweet tarts in one yummy platter!  butter pecan, apple crumble, lemon and butter tarts

fruit tray:   a vibrant & refreshing platter featuring fresh and seasonal fruits

$31.00 per guest

price quoted is for 15 guests or more

*taxes and admin fees apply

all prices are subject to change without notice