The Classic Cocktail Party


The Classic Cocktail Party….An evening celebrating friendships and fun! Whether your cocktail party is small or large, we can accommodate any size and specification.


baby caprese skewers

sweet grape tomatoes, baby bocconcini and fresh basil sprinkled with a zesty balsamic reduction

spicy paneer skewers

moist and tender palak paneer cheese marinated in an old world lahori marinade

métis pancakes

a mix of savory wild rice, button mushrooms and corn topped with sweet basil cream

the noble tuna

tender and succulent fresh tuna seared and served with japanese horseradish

savory lamb riblet

tender lamb chops marinated in merlot wine, fresh garlic and savory rosemary…it’s mouthwateringly good!


dried pear crisps

one of our most popular mixers & a 100mile special!
aged black river cheddar cheese and tender maple butter walnuts atop sweet dried niagara pears.


the big shrimp griller

plump and huge shrimp marinated in lemon grass with a thai green curry dip

beef welly petites

perfect beef wellingtons…only smaller

dim sum..yum!

plump, fresh shrimp based with two yummy sauces

the chicken jester

tender and delicious chicken drumettes with a choice of jamaican jerk sauce or fig-balsamic sauce

$44 per person
price quoted is for 25 guests or more
*taxes and admin fees apply