The Wisdom of Beef



for the love of beef, glorious beef!

our lean beef treats are healthy, delicious and tender and are escorted by your choice of either a flavourful asian long grain rice or herb spiced roasted fingerling potatoes! and as always, served with a mix of crispy and fresh breads. prepared for a minimum of 6 servings unless otherwise specified.

sweet karma beef: 
tender strips of beef served with crispy harvest vegetables simmered in a rich and tasty black bean sauce over classic steamed rice. you can also order this dish with silky tofu instead of beef….that’s good karma!
$15, a minimum order of 15 required

new-stamp2 east end ribeye:
an 8 oz, choice cut, black angus ribeye steak marinated in steak spices, served with roast potatoes or rice.
$23, a minimum order of 8   gluten-free

the big dipper: 
so good, it’s out of this world!
a certified black angus fillet rubbed in zesty dijon and coarse pepper, accompanied by fresh rosemary roasted potatoes. gluten-free

requires a minimum order of 8


beef curry:
tender beef simmered in an aromatic indian style curry sauce served over a bed of basmati rice.
$15 requires a 72 hour notice 

new-stamp2caribbean curry:
tender beef simmered in an aromatic jamaican style curry sauce served over a bed of coconut rice.
$15 requires a 72 hour notice 


beef roulé:
tender beef rolled and gently stuffed with your choice of either tangy blue cheese or rich, smoked gouda.
$18, a minimum of 12 is required.

the nutty frier: 
delicious stir-fries with big personalities, full of flavour and charm!
tender beef ($14), or harvest roasted veggies ($12)

served with classic steamed rice, petit mandarins and crunchy cashews. 
a minimum order of 15 required

moroccan medley:
a tapestry of flavours, colours and textures, all for your enjoyment! 
a choice of grilled breast of chicken or tender beef mixed with heart-healthy root vegetables, kabuli chickpeas, tangy currant berries served over light and fluffy couscous.

(a minimum order of 15 is required)
$14 (Vegetarian $12)



pinkys-plate a healthy cow gives about 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.