The Wisdom of Beef



for the love of beef, glorious beef!

our lean beef treats are healthy, delicious and tender and are escorted by your choice of either a flavourful asian long grain rice or herb spiced roasted fingerling potatoes! and as always, served with a mix of crispy and fresh breads. prepared for a minimum of 6 servings unless otherwise specified.

the latin scroll:
from old world to new world, delight in this authentic dish of prime tender beef, rolled and filled with roasted bell peppers, sweet purple onion, fresh baby spinach and classic latin seasoning.   $18 (requires a minimum order of 20) gluten-free

sweet karma beef: 
tender strips of beef served with crispy harvest vegetables simmered in a rich and tasty black bean sauce over classic steamed rice. you can also order this dish with silky tofu instead of beef….that’s good karma!
$10 a minimum order of 15 required

the big dipper: 
so good, it’s out of this world!   a certified black angus fillet rubbed in zesty dijon and coarse pepper, accompanied by fresh rosemary roasted potatoes. gluten-free
requires a minimum order of 8

tender beef in a savory black bean sauce.

the nutty frier: 
delicious stir-fries with big personalities, full of flavor and charm!
tender beef ($10), or harvest roasted veggies. ($8.50)

served with classic steamed rice, petit mandarins and crunchy cashews. 
a minimum order of 15 required

moroccan medley:
a tapestry of flavours, colours and textures, all for your enjoyment!   a choice of grilled breast of chicken or tender beef mixed with heart-healthy root vegetables, kabuli chickpeas, tangy currant berries served over light and fluffy couscous.
(a minimum order of 15 is required)


pinkys-platepinky’s plate: a healthy cow gives about 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.

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