The Royal Mixer (premium hors d’oeuvres)


scallops on a half shell

if you love our classic hors d’oeuvres then you are in for a treat! we offer a rich and decadent selection of fine meats and seafood for you to choose from. $3.50 each



savory lamb riblet:
tender lamb chops marinated in merlot wine, fresh garlic and savory rosemary…it’s mouth-wateringly good!  gluten-free

zesty chicken pakora:
crispy-crunchy deep fried chicken fritters accompanied by a zesty pineapple ginger dip
minimum order of 50 required

the noble tuna:
tender and succulent fresh tuna seared and served with japanese horseradish.  gluten-free

scallops on a half-shell: scallops tenderly wrapped in proscuitto & topped with a grainy mustard-fresh basil cream. (nori wrapped option also available-for non proscuitto eaters)  gluten-free  Minimum 5 dozen per order, $3.50 each.

salmon sails:
creamy smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese afloat curvy belgian endive lettuce.  gluten-free

the chicken jester:
tender and delicious chicken wings with our jamaican jerk sauce.  a minimum order of 50 is required.

rare beef crostini:
delicious cuts of rare beef tenderloin with fresh basil and zesty horseradish cream topped with a tiny boccocini button and served on crunchy crostini bread.
minimum order of 50 required

coconut shrimp:  another one of our classic specials! plump fresh shrimps, real coconut, simple & finger-licking good!

jumbo shrimp griller: 
the shrimp griller…with huge plump shrimps! gluten-free   $6.00 each

sweet salmon skewers: our classic recipe!
fresh atlantic salmon marinated in a sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce. a fan favorite!

smoked salmon crostini: it’s so delicious! with velvety cream cheese and caper buds

pinkys-platepinky’s plate: there are 2000 different types of plants that humans use to cultivate food!

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