The Group of Seven



as a compliment to the famous canadian artists, the group of seven, we have created a brilliant landscape of specialty dishes that we know you will love! sided by rice or other natural grains, fresh/crispy rolls, and butter. prepared for a minimum order of 6 servings.


the salmon braiser
a fresh fillet of salmon braised with globe artichokes, white button mushrooms, fresh basil and savoury sun dried tomatoes in a light & airy white wine emulsion.  gluten-free

salmon sesame
fresh grilled salmon dipped in sesame and served with our own spicy pineapple-mango chutney.

roasted turkey
succulent roasted turkey, creamy buttermilk mashed potatoes, rich gravy, and colourful cranberry sauce served side car.  gluten-free 
minimum order of 12


the big grains, green & roots salad
flavourful nutty quinoa, sautéed sprouted tofu squares, spirals of beets & radishes then topped with shoots, fresh greens and pumpkin seeds served with a tahini dressing.  gluten-free
a great main that’s pure health in a bowl.

sweet virginia ham
classically sweet cured country ham in a zingy ginger beer glaze.  gluten-free
seasonally priced

winter gratin
the best of winter harvest, this is a warm and hearty dish!  
a mélange of sugary sweet potatoes, tender winter squash and juicy apples, nestled between layers of a 5 cheese blend…scalloped potato style.  gluten-free


quiche please:
we appreciate that there are many delicious quiche dishes so enjoy our selection of fine quiches selected by popular demand from some of our loyal clients.  

quiche choices

grilled eggplant and fresh grated asiago cheese

white button mushrooms and swiss cheese

mediterranean medley featuring artichokes, olives and feta cheese

fresh baby spinach and smooth ricotta

sweet virginia ham and black river cheddar

all prices are subject to change without notice

pinkys-platepinky’s plate: there are over 10,000 varieties of tomatoes…amazing!