Sandwich Sensations


2-sandwiches2in the cuisine justice system, the sandwich is represented by two separate but equally important groups: fine artisan breads, that retains the sandwich and the filling of flavours that embodies the sandwich. these are their stories…..


our sandwiches are defended by some of the finest artisan breads; a variety of airy & light ciapatta, flat bread wraps, olive foccacia, and fresh bagels.

the jury is comprised of 13 specially selected, diverse fine meats and vegetables combinations for you to choose from. All of our sensational sandwiches can be ordered gluten-free.gluten


our delicious sandwiches are available in various quantities:

the mini series-$4/per sandwich
the colossal series-$7.50/per sandwich
formal open face-$9.50 each 
wraps only-$8.50 each
cocktail sandwiches-1 dozen/$18
*gluten free sandwiches-$9.50 each



the sandwich bar:
a fantastic array of our gourmet sandwich meats, fine breads and an abundant selection of fresh garnishes.  now, everyone can make their sandwich their way!  
order 15 or less- $13
orders above 15- $10
grilled chicken- $12

court is now in session!

smoked turkey: (montreal style)
a classic smoked turkey sandwich with hickory smoked mayo & fresh tomato slices.

roast beef:
our own tender, rare roast of beef with a zesty horseradish, dijon and capers dressing.

sweet virginia ham:
a classically sweet cured country ham complimented by historic black river cheddar cheese

wild turkey:
roasted fresh daily, tender, juicy and delicious, served with northern cranberries and
savory rosemary confit.

tender & moist grilled & marinated eggplant, aged feta cheese, vine ripened tomato and black olive tapenade.

corned beef:
rich and flavourful salt-cured beef with zesty mustard

fresh slices of roasted seasoned zucchini, aged asiago cheese, with a fresh mushroom, thyme and sweet onion confit.

cool cucumber:
crisp, cool, refreshing sliced cucumber, petite onion sprouts and savoury herbed cream cheese.

roasted pepper:
aged asiago cheese and sweet, roasted red peppers.

the supreme salad sandwiches :
our prime suspects and most infamous of sandwiches include zesty mexican chicken, creamy egg and seasoned tuna

or you may want to try one of our chefs special gourmet sandwiches:
tender grilled chicken breast- sandwich or flat bread wrap-$10  

lisa’s special sandwich tray
2 baguettes, 4 fabulous flavours, portioned into 40 slices of rounds and garnished with fresh veggies….a yummy treat! $60


all prices are subject to change without notice


in the middle ages, coarse stale pieces of bread were used as plates and then eaten. this was the precursor to the open faced sandwich….