Fabulous Salads



fresh, delicious, exotic, and classic;

 we prepare goodness for you!

glutensome of our salads are gluten-free. all of our salads are prepared in minimums of 6. 

the greenhouse:
fresh mixed harvest greens, juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, sliced radish, and of course, carrots.
served with balsamic vinegar. 

the classic caesar:
fresh romaine lettuce ruffled with home baked croutons and fresh grated parmesan cheese.

the perfect pear salad:
crisp spinach with wine poached pears and candied walnuts.

the sri lankin salad: 
crisp and colourful sliced peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and sweet onion in a tangy yogurt & coriander dressing. gluten-free

baby caprese salad:
sweet cherry tomatoes, baby bocconcini and fresh basil drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. gluten-free

gazpacho salad:
a vibrant selection of tomatoes, bell peppers, crisp cucumbers, celery and sweet, sweet onions showered in a fresh and zesty lemon-fresh dill dressing. gluten-free

green bean tango:
fresh, snappy green beans dance with julienne sliced crisp carrots and rich red peppers in a fresh thyme vinaigrette. gluten-free

greek pasta salad:
from the mediterranean comes our flavourful and classic greek pasta salad; lavished with rich kalamata black olives, aged feta cheese, vine ripened tomatoes, crisp cucumbers and tangy bell peppers tossed in a zesty lemon oregano emulsion.

grilled mixed vegetables:
perfectly grilled and bursting with flavours! 
a medley of purple eggplant, sweet potatoes, white button mushrooms, tender zucchini, sweet, sweet peppers, and mild white onions all grilled then marinated in a lush roasted garlic olive oil. gluten-free

the mediterranean mingle:
the best and most flavourful of the mediterranean comes together for an evening of taste sensations!  guests include purple eggplant, artichoke, chickpeas, black kalamata olives, vine ripened tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, bell peppers, feta cheese sprinkled with virgin olive oil. gluten-free

mexican bean salad:
spices, zest and more beans than you can count, our mexicana bean salad is fantastico!
black turtle beans, red kidney beans, white navy beans, bell peppers, carrot cubes and mild white onions bathed in a dressing of mexican spices. 

wild asian rice:
a walk on the wild side…in a heart friendly way!
rustic wild rice tamed by a medley of finely cut seasonal vegetables then dressed in a delicate sesame seed oil.

five alive: 
a powerhouse of nutrients and goodness!
crisp summer romaine, juicy navel oranges, sweet almonds,  hard boiled eggs and crowned with a hearty roasted pepper dressing. gluten-free

spring spinach salad:
a symphonic gathering of freshness!
fresh baby spinach, zesty radicchio, white button mushrooms, petit mandarins, and sweet red onions mixed with a raspberry vinaigrette.


the rotini bounce:
bouncy rotini pasta, grilled purple eggplant, tender zucchini, bright bell peppers, sweet onions, white button mushrooms, turned in a special herb and asiago cheese dressing  or try one of these fabulous pasta salads: greek pasta salad, mediterranean pasta salad and pesto pasta salad, or something completely different

the great potato duo:
a scrumptious mixture of sweet and irish potatoes, sliced ripened apples, sweet onions, all dressed with tangy mango chutney. gluten-free

savoury mango thai:
simple and delightfully zestful!
sweet green mango, juicy cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumber and crunchy peanuts.


healthy-choice-copy1wheatberry burst celebrations:
bursting with flavours and character, our wheatberry salad is crunchlicious!
ontario organic whole wheat kernels, vibrant vegetables, crunchy nuts and                                      sweet dried fruit.


the twisted pasta:
our take on a several classic pasta salads, made with some of nature’s best!


pasta salad of the day:
ask about our pasta salad 




all prices are subject to change without notice


why did the tomato blush?
because he saw the salad dressing!