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We are pleased to provide a great selection of local, organic and mighty tasty beverages!


fresh ground java:
our premium dark roast is ground fresh daily and deliciously offered in
organic fair trade grounds.
cost: a 12 cup carafe-$25.00 

additional rental costs for: large coffee urns (50-100 cups) $1.50 per serving

tea infusions:
our selection of fragrant and savoury specialty teas delights the senses and soothes the soul. try our bold black tea, our aromatic green tea or our delicious & healthy herbal teas. your mom would be proud!
12 cup carafe-$25.00 

additional rental costs will apply for: large tea urns(50-100 cups) $1.50 per serving

the juice bar:
a healthful, nutritious and lush alternative!
we trust & favour our local juice producers; treehugger organics and blackriver juice company. filled with robust and full flavours from high quality fruits you’ll see why we like them so much!
favourite flaves: apple, orange, mango, grapefruit, cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, and lemonade


the fresh squeezed bar:
a seasonally sweet fusion of freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables and fresh by the litre (serves 4-5)

sparkling & mineral water:
eska waters are sourced and filtered naturally in the st.mathieu esker in amongst 5,000 acres of protected forest in remote quebec….cold, crisp, & clean!
we choose to use eska water not only for the delicious water & the glass bottle, but because of the diminished carbon footprint in shipping from Quebec as opposed to Europe.

carbonated bevies:
refreshing carbonated drinks. choose from our selection of coke, sprite, ginger, ginger ale & diet coke.
snap…crackle…pop! $1.75


it’s the season!

winter’s hot chocolate:
rich, hot chocolate available when you feel cold!

summer’s fresh lemonade:
straight from the lemonade stand!

autumn’s hot apple cider:
to cure what ails you!


all prices are subject to change without notice

pinkys-plateorganic fruit juices are free from synthetic colours, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and flavouring agents. they are higher in nutrients & you can really taste the difference!