Fall menu



the autumn apple sandwich

grilled caramelized onions, apple, and maple cheddar


roasted turkey sandwich

tender, juicy and delicious, served with northern cranberries and
savory rosemary confit



soup & salad

butternut squash soup

homemade, creamy & delicious


chickpea & kale salad 

served with a superb vinaigrette dressing
minimum order of 6


harvest moon pasta salad

with a delightful greek yogurt dressing
minimum order of 6



main course

squash ravioli

with a creamy pesto sauce
minimum order of 6


chicken & squash

cooked in coconut milk and served with wild rice or rice pilaf
minimum order of 6


roasted turkey breast

succulent roasted turkey, creamy buttermilk mashed potatoes, rich
gravy, and colourful cranberry sauce on the side
minimum order of 12


reception Baskets

the local basket

an assortment of locally grown root vegetable chips accompanied
by savoury dips, including jalapeno feta dip, our own ontario
salsa, and creamy fresh herb dip
minimum order of 6



apple crumble

served with whipped cream
minimum order of 8



all prices are subject to change without notice