Springtime Specials


Welcome to Spring, Pure & Simple!

Our Specials are inspired by the freshness, flavors and brilliant colors of springtime blossoms. Aromatic delights to please the senses.



Springtime Freshness

fresh ontario asparagus vinaigrette

happy hydroponic salad mixed with sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh dill, dressed with a zesty apple cider vinaigrette

tabouleh with feta cheese, it’s delicious & nutritious!

$5.50 per serving, minimum of 6 servings


Springtime Flavorful

range roasted chicken salad with zesty lemon & fresh basil

black river cheddar with marinated mushrooms

sweet caramelized onion & creamy brie

$6.50 per sandwich


Springtime Brilliance

lemon pepper chicken: tender roasted chicken rubbed in a zesty lemon pepper served with a savory basmati rice.       $12.00 per serving minimum 8 servings         48 hour notice required

grilled spring chicken: tender grilled chicken served with fresh spring greens with a zesty balsamic vinaigrette o the side.    $13 per serving


We Cater, You Love! 



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