Autumn Specials

tumblr_static_autumn_leaves_on_road-2560x1600-640x400Autumn’s Here!

As Autumn sets in and the landscape begins to change, we take pleasure in the wonderful array of colors that are brought forth.
Our new Autumn menu exhibits the same colorful array in ingredients and flavors that will delight the senses.



Party Starter

Ontario Reception Basket
$7 per serving, minimum order of 6  
An assortment of root vegetable chips accompanied by
savoury dips, including jalapeno feta dip, our own Ontario
salsa, and creamy fresh herb dip.

Sandwiches & Wraps

We roast our own top quality fresh chicken, turkey breast, & roast beef for
all of our sandwiches.
The mini series- $3.50 per sandwich
The colossal series-$6.50 per sandwich

Roasted free-range chicken salad with lemon, rosemary and roasted peppers.

Roma tomato, feta & black olive tapenade.

Grilled carmelized onion, apple and maple cheddar.


$5.50 per person, minimum order of 6
Green bean, field tomato & fresh thyme salad.

Spinach, poached pears & walnuts with our famous cider dressing.

Quinoa tabouleh with fresh coriander.

Ontario barley and white bean salad.

Harvest Moon pasta with local vegetables & greek yogurt dressing. Gluten Free

Hot Mains

Pat’s famous beef curry with lots of Ontario mushrooms, served with flavorful basmati rice.
$12 per serving, minimum order of 15

Cider Baked Chicken
Tender chicken marinated and oven-baked in sweet cider, fragrant ginger and spicy cinnamon, served with rosemary roasted potatoes.
$12 per serving, minimum order of 6

Something Sweet and Healthy

Niagara peach & blueberry bowl with cinnamon whipped cream.
$7 per serving, minimum order of 6

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