Holiday Dinner Menu

Enjoy these choices either Buffet Style or Plated

Main Courses

Whole chicken, slow cooked with traditional Greek spices, served with potatoes or rice
$12/person, minimum order of 15, 72 hours notice

Spicy herbed whole roasted chicken served with mint rice or baby potatoes
$12/person, minimum order of 15, 72 hours notice

Drunken Chicken marinated in sake rice wine with vinegar and served with sticky rice
$12/person, minimum order of 15

 Chicken & Squash, cooked in coconut milk

Rib Eye Steak served with mashed or roasted potatoes
$18/person, minimum order of 20, 72 hours notice

Rolled Beef, stuffed with blue cheese & roasted bell peppers in a creamy vodka sauce
Served with roasted potatoes or a barley pilaf
$13/person, minimum order of 20, 72 hours notice

 Pan seared Soku Tuna marinated in turmeric and encrusted in black pepper
Served with mint rice
$15/person, 72 hours notice

Lamb Shanks in a South Asian marinade, over mint rice
$15/person, minimum order of 12, 72 hours notice

Chana Marsala, a delicious chick pea medley


Salads of the Seasons

Green Bean vinaigrette with a julienne pepper medley & shaved carrots in grainy mustard dressing

Spinach Salad with poached pears & maplized onions

Field Greens with marinated dried cherry tomatoes
All $5.50/person

Holiday Desserts

Cranberry Cheesecake Tarts
Cupcake Smores
Petite Fours
Hazelnut Buche de Noel
Raspberry Vanilla Almond Buche de Noel


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